Image Licensing | Rick Berk Photography

My extensive selection of high quality photographs are available for licensing to publications and commercial ventures. I am represented by Out of the Blue Licensing for all commercial licensing opportunities. If you are interested in licensing my work, you can either contact me directly or contact Out of the Blue to begin the process.

Using My Work as Reference for Derivative Paintings

While I support all artists, I must respectfully decline to allow the use of my photographs as reference for paintings or other artworks without the purchase of a license. While requests are flattering, I work hard to produce the photographs I do, and allowing a painting to be made of the exact same scene simply adds to the condescending opinion that a fine art photograph is somehow less "worthy" than a painting, and devalues my own hard work and creativity.

If you would like to purchase a license to reproduce one of my artworks as a painting or other derivative work, please contact me.