Frequently Asked Questions | Rick Berk Photography

The frequently asked questions listed below cover information regarding my general business practices, common questions about the fine art prints offered in my online galleries, how to navigate my website and purchase prints, and other questions about my photography.

If your question is not answered to your satisfaction here, please reach out to me via email or telephone. I am always happy to speak with prospective collectors and offer any assistance I can.

Buoys and rope litter the dock in Friendship Harbor, Maine as the sun rises on a summer morning.

Limited Edition

A lobsterman's buoys and rope is left on the dock on a summer morning in Friendship Harbor, Maine.

Available as a Fine Art Limited Edition of 100 prints, which includes a signed Certificate of Authenticity with serial number. COA will be shipped separately.

What types of prints do I offer?

The photographs featured in the galleries on this website represents my best work and are available in four premium print styles - Photo Rag Fine Art Paper, Wood Float Plaqs, Exhibit Mount Metal Prints, and Gallery Ultra TruLife Lumachrome Acrylic Prints. More detailed information on each style can be found on The Prints.

How do I purchase a print online?

It's very easy to place an order. Simply navigate to the photograph you're interested in, click on the thumbnail, and scroll down below the artwork description. There you'll find a listing of media options, with a brief description of each. A drop-down menu lists available sizes for each media style, along with the price for each size. Click on the desired size to select it, then click Add To Cart. Payments are completed safely and securely via PayPal or Stripe, using the most up-to-date technology to ensure a safe transaction.

If you are interested in ordering in volume or would like a size or print style not listed on my website, please contact me directly and I will be happy to work with you.

Do you offer matting and framing? Can acrylic and metal prints be framed?

Choosing a mat and frame for a fine art print is best experienced in person once you are in possession of the artwork. You will then be able to work with a qualified local art framing gallery to match the colors and style of your home's decor and furnishings when selecting a mat and frame.

Regarding Exhibit Mount Metal Prints and Acrylic Prints, while both styles are ready to hang right out of the box using the frameless float mounts included, both styles can be easily framed by your local art frame shop.

Wood Float Plaqs, also known as Duraplaqs, do not require framing and are ready to hang upon their arrival.

Do you offer custom sizes?

Yes. If your space cannot accommodate the sizes listed, I will be happy to work with you to produce a print in a specified size, or crop as needed to fit the available space. While in some instances cropping might negatively impact the composition of the artwork, I am happy to discuss your needs with you to find the solution that is right for you.

How large can can your work be produced?

Ultimately, the final size available is dictated by the resolution of the photograph, but most photographs available for direct purchase can be printed up to 84 inches wide. As another example, although a special situation, one of my images was recently reproduced 36 feet wide for a wall mural in a government building!

How do I determine what size print I should purchase?

While the various sizes can seem overwhelming, a little simple math will help. First, measure the blank area of the wall, uncovered by furniture or molding. Generally, the finished size of the piece, including mat and frame, should cover between 2/3 and 3/4 of the area. So a wall with a blank area of 60"W x 48"H would look great with a print no larger than 45"W x 36"H, and no smaller than 40"W x 32"H, both including any matting and framing.

If you are hanging above a piece of furniture such as a sofa or headboard, the bottom should be 6" to 12" above the top of the furniture, and the width of the print should be 2/3 to 3/4 of the width of the the furniture.

When choosing art to hang above the fireplace, leave a space of 3 to 6 inches above the mantle. The width of the art should be wider than the firebox, but smaller than the width of the mantle.

Don't be afraid to go big! If you have a large open wall space, a large print filling the space makes a bigger visual impact.

Print Size Comparison in a Living Room

When will my print arrive? How much is shipping?

Most Photo Rag Fine Art Paper Prints will arrive within 9-12 business days. Exhibit Mount Metal Prints and Gallery Ultra TruLife Lumachrome Acrylic Prints may take from 14-21 business days to arrive.

All print styles shipping within the continental United States include free standard shipping. If shipping to Europe, Alaska, or Hawaii, please contact me for a shipping quote.

Large quantity orders may incur extra crating charges to safely transport the artwork. Delivery is still free. For all large quantity orders, please contact me prior to ordering.

What if there is a quality issue with my print?

In over ten years of selling my art online, through thousands of orders, I have found quality issues from high quality printers to be exceedingly rare. I use only master printers to provide the highest quality, museum grade prints to my clients. All of my prints are inspected by professionals at my master printer's lab prior to shipping.

That said, people are human and mistakes, though rare, can happen. If there is a minor imperfection or flaw not caused by handling during shipping, please notify me immediately. Follow the guidelines below for speedy resolution.

Contact me within 2 days of receiving your order. Inspect piece in bright lighting when it arrives. Please provide clear, sharp photos, as well as an explanation of the defects to approve a claim with my print lab partner. If approved by the lab as a legitimate defect in workmanship, a replacement with the same specifications as the original order will be put into production.

What's Not Covered

  • Photo prints are not returnable once they have been mounted, matted, framed, cropped, or trimmed. Please inspect your print prior to having it framed or mounted.
  • Alterations made to any hanging hardware such as float mounts, or alterations made to the print media are not covered. Any physical alteration voids any quality guarantee.

What if my print arrives damaged?

My pledge to you is to handle any shipping damage claim as smoothly as possible. Any piece that is damaged in shipping will replaced at no cost to you. Please note that all freight carriers have strict protocols that must be followed when making a claim. As long as these steps are followed, your shipment is covered for any damage incurred.

Please carefully inspect all packaging for any visible signs of wear or damage prior to accepting delivery. If the carrier is present, make a note with them so it can be documented. If a signature is not required and the carrier is not present, please photograph the packaging, clearly showing the damage, prior to opening.

Time Sensitive Carrier Requirements: It is IMPERATIVE that all claims of damage be reported within 36 hours of delivery. THERE ARE NO EXCEPTIONS.

Proof of Damage: Once I am notified by email and provided with clear, sharp photos showing the damage to the packaging and the artwork, I will begin the process of working with my lab to have a replacement approved. Once approved, a replacement will be produced and shipped to you. My lab will handle the damage claim with the carrier. Depending on the print format, you may be required to repack the damaged artwork in the exact same manner for returns. In such a case, a shipping address will be provided to you.

Artwork damaged in shipping, or delayed in shipping due to unforeseen circumstances, are not eligible for return or order cancellation. All approved damage claims will be replaced by my print lab.

Disclaimer regarding Fine Art Prints: Please use care when removing prints from their packaging upon receipt. Creases and dents may result from incorrect handling and unfortunately, I cannot replace or refund a print that has been mishandled in unpacking. If having the print framed, it is recommended to take the print directly to your framer.

What is your return policy?

All artwork ordered on my site is considered a custom order and thus not eligible for return. All reasonable measures are taken to ensure that my artwork is displayed clearly and accurately on this website, that all descriptions are complete and you will have a reasonable expectation of what you will receive when you purchase one of my prints. Unfortunately, it is impossible to account for variation in uncalibrated computer monitors. It is advisable to view my website on a calibrated monitor when considering a purchase.

I'm a painter. Can I use your photos for reference?

If you would like to use one of my photographs as reference for a painting, please contact me. Under normal circumstances I require a licensing fee paid for use of the photo, as well as a commission on any sales of the original or reproductions. Thank you for your understanding.

I saw your work for cheaper on another website. Why is it cheaper?

My open edition prints may be available elsewhere online, for less than I charge here. The difference is in the quality of printing and materials used. Here on my own website, I have selected the highest quality museum-grade print media, and only use world-class master printers. In addition, none of the other websites you may find my work on offer my exhibit mount metal prints, wood float plaques, or Lumachrome TruLife Acrylic prints. For many, the quality on these websites will be fine, but for the most discerning of art buyers, the quality offered here at will be much more to your preference.