Welcome to the online gallery of Rick Berk, a landscape and nature photographer based on Maine's midcoast. In addition to his fine art landscape photography, Rick is also a workshop leader and educator, teaching classes and workshops around the country. On this site you'll find not only Rick's finest works, but also educational resources and his online journal detailing the stories behind his work.

Each artwork on this website is available in a variety of styles and sizes, produced to the highest quality using the most modern processes and museum-grade materials available. While some prints available on this website are sold as Limited Editions of 100 prints, others are open editions.

Rick's work is suitable for both home and corporate settings, including the healthcare, educational, and hospitality industries among others. If you have questions or are interested in working with Rick on an upcoming decor project, please feel free to contact him. Rick is available seven days a week, unless he is in the field photographing and out of cellular range.

Please feel free to peruse the photographs found on this site. Thank you for visiting!