Five Ways to Support Your Favorite Living Artists

March 30, 2023

Think about a world without art. I'm not just talking about my photography, but I mean, ANY art. How bland would life be? No music to listen to, to cheer us up, to accompany us on long drives, to play in the background while we work. No books to read for enjoyment. Heck- no books to read, period, as typesetting itself is considered an art form. No paintings on walls. No portraits of family or friends. No awe-inspiring landscape photographs. No jewelry to adorn our necks, fingers, or ears.

Art is EVERYWHERE in our society. The packages of food we buy- those were designed by someone who studied art. Book covers, album covers, informational posters on walls, all designed by artists. Musicians are artists, from the most famous performers to the first grader learning on a recorder.

Rolling green hills with blue skies and puffy clouds overhead on a sunny day.
Afternoon Bliss in the Palouse

The rolling hills of the Palouse region in eastern Washington, freshly planted with crops of winter wheat, bathe in the warm spring sunshine as billowing white cumulonimbus clouds pass overhead near Colfax, Washington. The play of light and shadow over these lush green hills against a blue springtime sky creates a tranquil scene of natural beauty that will bring serenity to any space in your home or office.

Art, for some reason, is often overlooked as a serious profession, however. Some consider it a hobby, a pastime, or passing interest. And for some, it is. Nothing wrong with that. But others, yes, like me, elevate art to something more. They take their passion and make it a profession. They make art almost daily. They teach others how to make art. They encourage others. In doing so, hopefully they bring some beauty to the world, or, more importantly, bring some awareness to societal issues.

I've had many people tell me they wished they could afford one of my prints. And I realize, my work isn't cheap. It's not cheap for me to make and thus not cheap to purchase. But there are many ways you can support your favorite living artists even without buying a print. You can support artists, people like me, who followed their passion to become good at their art, and strive to make their living doing what they love, what they are good at, even if you never purchase their work. I'll list a few ways how:

A one room schoolhouse at sunset.
The One-Room Schoolhouse

Maple Ridge Schoolhouse, a throwback to days long past, catches the brilliant setting sun through its windows on a spring evening in Harrison, Maine. You can't help but be touched by the beauty of the quiet moment painted here. The schoolhouse stands alone in a grassy field, while the setting sun casts a warm orange hue over the landscape, a reminder of simpler days before technology took over our lives. The view is pure and peaceful and one can't help but feel a sense of timelessness.

1. Purchase Their Work

Ok, we'll get this one out of the way right away. The easiest, most direct way to support your favorite artists is to purchase their work. Sales enable artists to reinvest the earnings directly back into creating new work. Painters can buy new canvases, sculptors more material, photographers can plan more trips to photograph or invest in upgrading their equipment.

If you're a fan of any photographers that MAY mean purchasing a print. But it doesn't have to be a print. You may not know this, because I don't bring it up often, but at, I offer many of my images on products such as jigsaw puzzles, coffee mugs, beach towels, and more. I also offer prints that are priced a bit less than here on my official website. Why is it less? I'll explain more in another journal entry, but ultimately, my offerings here are printed by master printers who produce the highest quality on museum-grade materials. does a nice job, but it's not museum-quality.

If you have a painter you follow, chances are their originals are expensive. Heck, it's one of a kind and canvases and paint and brushes aren't cheap! But did you know many painters sell reproductions of their work? It won't be the original painting, but it will still be that same beautiful scene, printed by a gicleé printer. Reproductions are normally a fraction of the cost of an original, and every bit as beautiful. And they still support the artist.

Buoys and rope litter the dock in Friendship Harbor, Maine as the sun rises on a summer morning.
Buoys and Line

Limited Edition

The rising sun bathes Friendship Harbor, Maine, in a warm glow as vibrantly painted lobster buoys and rope lay strewn on the wooden dock. Lobster boats wait, anchored in the harbor's waters glistening with the orange and tangerine reflections of the morning light on this summer morn.

Available as a Fine Art Limited Edition of 100 prints, which includes a signed Certificate of Authenticity with serial number. COA will be shipped separately.

2. Share Their Work on Social Media, With Links

Chances are, you first came across me and my work on Facebook or Instagram. Did you know that sharing my work, or any other artist's work that you follow, helps the artist reach more people who might also enjoy their work? And if you're not in a position to make a purchase, someone else who sees it might be.

When I began to really focus on my work as a photographer, I asked my family to share my posted images on Facebook. My mom and my little brother have both done so religiously for me, thankfully. And people I've never met and never knew began messaging me, and many have purchased a print at some point.

As an artist, it simply comes down to getting as many eyes as possible to see what I do. Not everyone will like it. But chances are some will. So if you don't mind hitting that "Share" button once in a while, it's a great way to help spread the word.

Also, if you're really interested in what I or another artist does, don't wait for the algorithms used by social media sites to show it to you. Bookmark our pages and make it a point to visit often. We love hearing from you!

A canoe rests on the shore of Lake McDonald on a spring afternoon in Glacier National Park, Montana. Gunsight Mountain and Heaven's Peak stand in the distance.
Afternoon on Lake McDonald

Limited Edition

A small, yellow canoe is pulled up on the shore of Lake McDonald in Glacier National Park on a sunny summer afternoon. The canoe is empty, and its yellow sides gleam brightly in the sunlight as the calm waters of the lake show barely a whisper of a breeze blowing across the surface. The shoreline is lined with rocks and trees, and the surrounding mountainsides are lush and green. The view of the distant snow-capped peaks is breathtaking, with Gunsight Mountain and Heaven's Peak reflected on the glassy surface of the lake. There is a sense of serenity and adventure in the stillness of the canoe, a reminder of the beauty of this special place.

Large format fine art limited edition of 100 prints. Each print includes a Certificate of Authenticity and serial number, mailed separately.

3. Follow Us on Social Media or Join Our Mailing Lists

You probably already follow me on Facebook or Instagram, but if you don't, it's a great way to see what we're working on. I try to share work often on both platforms, and often with a little behind-the-scenes story of how the photograph I'm sharing came about. So if you're on either platform, search out those artists whose work you enjoy and give us a follow!

If social media isn't your thing, I do similar things in my email newsletters. I send them around once a week, detailing the stories behind my photos, sharing new work, and, once in a great while, I'll let you know I'm having a sale.

Heceta Head Lighthouse stands on the headlands above the Pacific Ocean on a summer morning in Oregon.
Heceta Head Lighthouse

Heceta Head Lighthouse in Oregon stands tall on its perch halfway up the headlands, overlooking the Pacific Ocean and the rugged Oregon coastline to the south. From this vantage point, the pre-dawn light casts a warm glow, turning the sky peach and pink. Wispy clouds fill the sky, while a light fog has settled in the coves along the coast. This historic 19th-century lighthouse with it's elegant beauty, is a picture of strength and poise against the mighty sea. From the hillside behind the lighthouse, one can look down and marvel at the power of the rolling surf crashing against the rocks below, creating a perfect contrast between the silent grandeur of the lighthouse and the wild beauty of the ocean.

4. Tell Your Friends About The Artist

Don't keep your favorite artists a secret! Tell your friends about our work. Forward them our newsletters. This kind of works in tandem with number two above, sharing our work on social media, but in this case, I mean word-of-mouth, face-to-face interactions. Did you know that 80% of art sales come from referrals? That's a lot. That's the power of your word to your friends.

As a 4A to this item, if you have purchased a print from the artist, share a testimonial with them that they can use on their website.

A fog moves over the rock formations on Bandon Beach just after sunset.
Bandon Afterglow

Limited Edition

A vivid sunset on an early autumn evening creates a palette of orange, pink, and purple in the sky and reflects off the wet sands of Bandon Beach, while a light fog moves between the large sea stacks dotting the shoreline. The scene is truly breathtaking with its one-of-a-kind dichotomy between the serenity of the water and the ethereal beauty of these enormous rock formations, shrouded in the mysterious mist. It's the perfect image to capture the unique magic of Bandon beach. Fine Art Limited Edition of 100 prints, includes signed Certificate of Authenticity.

5. Host an Art Show

Do you have an artist you like? Or just like art in general? Do you own or manage a public space? Host an art show! Again, being an artist is all about visibility and getting the work seen. Offering up your walls to showcase an artist or artists is a big help. I personally know some businesses who rotate artists every month or so. This gives them fresh decor, offers their customers a reason to return on a regular basis besides the business itself, and gives the artist an avenue to reach new people. Win-win!

The foggy view from the Cutler Coast Trail in down east Maine on a summer morning.
The Cutler Coast

Limited Edition

Black Point Cove, near Cutler, stands out as an exceptional example of the unspoiled beauty of down east Maine’s rocky coastline. The rugged clifftop plunging down to the sea and the deep green waters give a unique charm to the cove, while demanding visitors respect the unforgiving surroundings. Waves crash over the rocks with a relentless ferocity, yet a feeling of tranquility pervades the scene, due to the natural beauty and isolation of the cove.

Limited Edition of 100 Fine Art Prints. Each print includes a Certificate of Authenticity, hand-signed, with serial number. COA will be delivered separately.

Bonus Item: Show Up For Their Shows

If you know an artist showing locally, go to their exhibit and see the work. For instance, I'll be showing at the Maine Photographers Showcase from April 1st to May 5th at the Boothbay Region Art Foundation. I'd love to see you there! But if you're not local, there may be art shows nearer to you with artists you know. It's always work checking out! And it makes the artist feel good that you supported their work.

Sand Harbor in Lake Tahoe.
Sand Harbor Tahoe

The crystal clear waters of Lake Tahoe rhythmically lap at the shoreline at Sand Harbor. A picturesque lake abounding with splendor, the sun reflects off its surface like a million diamonds. Gigantic rock formations and towering evergreen trees frame this peaceful scene, while above, a few white fluffy clouds dot the sky, adding to the tranquil atmosphere. Sand Harbor lies on the eastern shore of Lake Tahoe, high in the Sierra-Nevada mountain range.