Photographer's Journal (New england)

Welcome to my online journal, otherwise known as a blog. Here I'll be sharing pertinent information, inspirational stories, trip reports, behind-the-photo stories, and various random thoughts I felt you might find interesting. If you have any questions or comments regarding the opinions and information shared here, feel free to contact me. Thanks for your interest in my work!

Lighthouses of the Kennebec River
August 28, 2022  |  Bath, Maine

Recently, another local photographer, Dave Cleaveland of Maine Imaging, invited me out on the Kennebec River on his boat for a morning of talking photography and exploring the Kennebec. Dave picked me up at the town dock in Bath just after sunrise, and we decided to head south down the river...

Autumn, The Golden Time
August 19, 2022

With roughly one month of the summer left to go, I find myself already thinking about the Fall. I've already stacked all my wood for the colder weather, in piles taller than me in my shed. I'm anxious for the cooler weather, lighting the fire in my wood stove, and of course, the autumn foliage...