Photographer's Journal

Father & Son in the Sawtooth Mountains
July 23, 2021  |  Stanley, Idaho

After my second visit to the Sawtooth Mountains in Idaho, I'm passionately in love with this area of the country. The landscape is just beautiful. Rolling hills, leading to jagged mountain peaks, with alpine lakes nestled among them...

Working in the Swamp
May 31, 2021  |  Louisiana

Last week, I took a road trip where the ultimate destination was my buddy Andy Crawford's place in south central Louisiana. Andy's work had shown me just how beautiful the swamps down there can be, so when he invited me down and sent me his availability, I jumped on some dates that matched up for me, which also resulted in a nearly three week long odyssey due to my trip to Cape Cod which had been previously planned...

Exploring the Outer Banks
April 18, 2021  |  Bodie Island, North Carolina

I'd never been to North Carolina's Outer Banks before last week. I'd heard plenty and it always seemed like someplace I'd like to go. In many ways, the area reminded me of the Jersey Shore, and Long Beach Island, where I spent many summers growing up, but it was also very different as well...