Fine Art America? What's The Difference?

April 11, 2023

At some point or another, you may have Googled my name to find my website. And there's the chance that one of the results did not lead you here, to my own OFFICIAL website at Instead, it's quite possible you were taken to my profile at Fine Art America /, where I have been a contributor for over a decade now. You may have perused the offerings there, and noticed a difference in the pricing, and even what products are available. And you may have wondered why there is a difference. Well, I'll tell you why.

Sunrise over the Atlantic Ocean in Ogunquit, Maine.

Cascading Sunrise

As the sun begins to rise behind the clouds, casting a soft glow over the horizon, a peaceful scene unfolds along Marginal Way in Ogunquit, Maine. The sound of waves crashing against the rocky shoreline fills the air as water from the Atlantic Ocean cascades over the jagged rocks.

Print On Demand

First off, let me explain something. Art are run by the same company. They are what's known as Print-On-Demand websites. You can order images on a variety of products and they will print them on whatever product you've chosen. Nothing is sitting on the shelf "in stock", but instead is printed when you order. The major difference is that while Fine Art America focuses on selling wall art, sells wall art as well as a variety of products such as home goods (pillows, duvets, shower curtains, etc.) and other products like coffee mugs, puzzles, phone cases, tote bags, beach towels and more. You may have noticed I don't offer those here, but you CAN get my work on those products via the links above ( Did you know that favorite image of mine that you loved can be on a shower curtain you see every morning when you get in the shower? Now you do!

Alpine Peak and Alpine Lake in the Sawtooth Mountains near Stanley, Idaho.

Morning at Alpine Peak

Morning light shines on Alpine Peak as Alpine Lake lies below on a summer morning in the Sawtooth Mountains near Stanley, Idaho.

Why Two Websites?

You may now be asking, if I've been selling my work there for over ten years, why do I have this website? A few reasons:

  1. There are limitations to what I can do with my profile on Fine Art America/Pixels. I can't offer limited editions there. The blog functionality isn't great, and I prefer this one, where I can really share my stories with you. This website gives me a more personal way to connect with those who follow my work.
  2. With, any orders placed there, are theirs. That means if you've ordered from me there in the past, I don't know it. I license my work to them to print on their products, and I get paid for each order. But I'm never told who the customer is, so I can't follow up with you to make sure you like it, to ask what drew you to the image, or even just to thank you for the order. And not many buyers seem to totally understand this, so when something goes wrong, it often can make me look bad. Having this website offers me an alternative.
  3. There is a difference in quality. Not that the printing from Art America is bad, but I wanted to be able to offer the highest quality possible for my work, for those who want it. So here on my website, the prints I offer are printed by high end fine art printers, who are known within the industry as masters of their trade. Other than the fine art paper prints, none of the print options available on are available on or I selected four museum-quality print options to offer here. Everything available here is available on, EXCEPT for my Limited Editions. Those are only available here as they are considered my masterworks and I don't want those on shower curtains or printed at less than the highest quality. Call me picky ;-).
  4. I'm not able to offer things like calendars or books there. So having this website allows me to do that as well.
Black Point Cove is enveloped in fog on this summer morning along the Cutler Coast Trail near Cutler, Maine.

Black Point Cove

Black Point Cove is enveloped in fog on this summer morning along the Cutler Coast Trail near Cutler, Maine. Part of the Cutler Coast Preserved Lands, this pristine yet rugged section of coastline is made out of woodlands, blueberry barrens, headlands, and peatlands and preserves over 12,000 acres.

A Dizzying Variety of Products

For me, the biggest draw to offering my work on Art America is the breadth of products available. Let's face it. People only have so much wall space. At some point you run out of room! So offering shower curtains, duvet covers, coffee mugs, puzzles, and more, gives you other ways to see my work, support me in my artistic endeavors, and makes some great gift options.

The sun sets behind the Manhattan skyline and lights up the sky over the Brooklyn Bridge.

Brooklyn Sunset

Step into the beauty of New York City with this stunning fine art print of the iconic Brooklyn Bridge against a vibrant sunset. The silhouette of the bridge is set against the breathtaking Manhattan skyline, creating a scene of pure magic. The rich colors of the sunset bring a dynamic energy to the photo, making it a must-have for any lover of photography, architecture, or cityscapes.

Personal Service

Print orders placed through are always overseen by me personally. I handle any problems or issues myself. I am the creative team, the customer service team, administrative team, and marketing team. I wear many hats. Any issues with orders placed through or Fine Art must go to their customer service team. They're usually pretty responsive, and in over ten years I've had few issues come to my attention there. But I do feel like since it's my work, I should handle things as much as I can, so that's yet another reason I built my own website four years ago.

Waves rush around the rocky shoreline along Marginal Way in Ogunquit, Maine, on an autumn morning.

Waves rush around the rocky shoreline along Marginal Way in Ogunquit, Maine, on an autumn morning.

I appreciate the support from you no matter where you place order. Just understand that when it's placed through Pixels or Fine Art America, I won't actually know it was you. So if you'd like to browse the various products they offer, the best place to do that is at

Pixels/Fine Art America also has over 3000 images by me. It is the largest repository of my work online. Not all of it is what I'd consider my best, but at the time, it was what I could do. On my own website, I am much more discerning as to what I show. Right now there are fewer than 500 images here.

If you're looking for museum-quality archival prints, the best place to do that is right here. Be aware, gift certificates purchased on my website cannot transfer to Pixels/Fine Art America. They can only be used here. Just an FYI.

A stand of cypress trees on Lake Maurepas with soft early morning light in Louisiana.

Cypress Symmetry

Limited Edition

Five cypress trees are standing tall along the shore of Lake Maurepas in Louisiana, their reflection gently rippling in the still waters as the sky is filled with soft pastel colors of pink, orange, and purple just before sunrise. The lake is illuminated in the peach light of the early morning, seemingly frozen in time while the cypress trees stand tall, silhouetted against the pastel sky. It's a peaceful yet powerful moment of serenity, one that refreshes and restores the viewer's spirit. I count myself lucky to have witnessed this scene, as I waded waist-deep in the waters with my camera and tripod to catch the first light on these cypresses in the swamp.

Offered as a limited edition of 100 prints. All Fine Art Limited Edition Prints will receive a signed certificate of authenticity with serial number, mailed separately.

I hope that makes things clearer as to the differences and if you've been eyeing an image but don't have the wall space, maybe you'll find something on that suits you. Enjoy!

Thor's Well, a collapsed sea cave near Yachats, Oregon.

Thor's Well

This breathtaking fine art photograph of Thor's Well at sunset captures a timeless moment of unimaginable beauty. The powerful Pacific waters spill over a double lip of rocks, perfectly balanced between the breathtaking blues and golds of a Pacific Northwest sunset. The vibrant, captivating water will bring warmth and life to any wall, making it a truly unforgettable piece. This epic and unusual sight is captured in exquisite detail, available on museum-quality photo rag fine art paper, wood float plaque, exhibit mount metal print, or Lumachrome TruLife acrylic, available in a variety of sizes to suit any space. Make Thor's Well part of your home, office, or living space and transport yourself to a moment of infinity.

Edith Creek pours over Myrtle Falls in the Paradise section of Mount Ranier National Park, Washington.

Spring in Paradise

Edith Creek pours over Myrtle Falls in the Paradise section of Mount Ranier National Park, Washington.