Ya Gotta Take Chances

As a landscape photographer, the more I am able to predict the weather conditions, the better the chances I'll come back with an impactful image. Unfortunately, there's no foolproof way to know for sure what the weather will be. I check no fewer than five weather apps to determine if a sunrise or sunset will be worth going out for. This has its pros and cons. Some mornings, it's too easy to talk myself out of getting out of bed by seeing a poor weather report.

This past Sunday, I wanted to get up to shoot sunrise, but three out of the five weather apps said the sunrise wouldn't be anything special. The other two weren't exactly enthusiastic, but looking at them told me there might be some clouds, and thus a chance of getting some nice color.  I decided that despite the three negative reports, I was going to head out anyway and take a chance.

I headed to Motif #1 in Rockport, Massachusetts, a well known fishing shack in the harbor that's been called the most painted building in America. As I was driving, I could see there were clouds in the sky. I kept hoping they would stick around and create some interest for sunrise.  Sure enough, they did. Clouds continued to pass overhead as the sun rose and I photographed the shack and boats in the harbor.

I was able to get three photos I was happy with. We had some great texture from the clouds, and great color with the rising sun lighting the underside of the clouds. It turned out to be a beautiful sunrise in coastal New England, and the perfect way to top off a relaxing Labor Day weekend. So glad I took the chance!