Sunset at Bug Light

A week or so ago, I was leading a photo walk to the three lighthouses that mark the entrance to Portland Harbor- Portland Head Light, Spring Point Ledge, and I planned to finish up at Portland Breakwater Light, better known locally as "Bug Light." It was a strange afternoon because the light was in and out while we were at Portland Head Light. Then at Spring Point Ledge Lighthouse, the sky went almost completely gray, and the light went flat. Then it became time to move on to Bug Light, where magic happened.

Just as we arrived, the cloud bank that had turned the light flat and gray began to move, and I could see the break just above the horizon. I knew as long as nothing else moved in to block the sun, and the clouds hung around a bit, we'd likely see some dramatic light and some nice color. Just as I set up, the sun dipped below the cloud bank and we immediately had this beautifully warm, dramatic light to work with. I knew it would be fleeting so I worked fast to capture a few shots while helping my students get their images as well.

Day's End at Portland Breakwater Lighthouse

This was one of the images I made as soon as we arrived at Bug Light Park. Once the sun dipped beneath the cloud bank, it was as if a spotlight had turned on to shine on the lighthouse.

We continued to take advantage of the light, and as the sun dipped beneath the horizon, the clouds started glowing a bright pink. They continued to glow pink, purple, and red as the sun continued to move further beneath the horizon. It was the highlight of the class I was teaching and provided for a variety of different images. It's always a great day when it ends like that!