Sunrise at the Pier

Whenever I go to a location to photograph, I try to get a few images that give you some ideas about the location at the time I was there. Invariably, this can end up as a race against the light, trying to capture as much as possible while the light is good, before it gets too harsh. The catch is that sometimes I find myself rushing the shots, and to be honest, I'd much rather get one great shot than 4 or 5 average ones.

This morning, I headed to Old Orchard Beach, Maine to capture the sunrise. It had been three years since I last caught a sunrise there, and I wanted to go someplace that was somewhat different than my recent work in the local fishing harbors. I arrived to some low clouds in the sky, which kept the really big color from the sky, but had some nice pastel shades to capture. "Old Orchard Beach Sunrise", above was among the last images I took, but I love the abstract nature of it, with the pilings of the pier reflected in the water and wet sand, as the sun began peeking out from behind the clouds.

Continuing to show these images in reverse, before I took that sunrise image, I caught this one under the pier. I've always loved the way the waves rush in under the pier, around the pilings, as the light changes on the sides. The sun was up and behind the clouds on the horizon at this point, so I managed to capture some soft light and color in the sky, while timing this wave perfectly. I got wet here, but it's rare that I stay dry when trying to get waves like this. As long as the camera stays dry, I'm happy.

The first image taken in this series was this one, "Sunrise on Old Orchard Beach". I had arrived a few minutes before this, and was struck by the simplicity of the scene- the lines created by the waves washing over the sand, the soft glow in the sky, and the reflected light on the water. I made several exposures, trying to capture the wave lines in a way that brought your eye through the scene. The calm and peace I feel watching the waves gently lap at the shoreline were perfectly captured.

Sunrise is without a doubt my favorite part of the day- when I can get up for it! What's your favorite part of the day? Comment below.