Revisiting Past Images

Cape Kiwanda Tides

One of the benefits of building a new website and uploading old work is the ability to revisit the images I've taken in the past and relive the moments when I captured those images. Where was I in my life? Who was I with when I took the image? What's changed since then? It's amazing for me to look at an image I took just three or four years ago and think about how much has happened in that time.

Another thing that amazes me is the way my tastes have grown and changed in that time, and also my editing skills and techniques. Each and every one of my images goes through an editing process. I find the in-camera picture styles to be inadequate, as they tend to incorrectly adjust contrast and apply color saturation, costing detail in both shadows and highlights. So now, looking back, I am sometimes annoyed with myself for being satisfied with an image for having too much contrast, not enough contrast, or having a color look that I now find unsatisfactory.

Cape Kiwanda Twilight

So as I've continued to upload images to my website here, it's been interesting to me to come across an image I may not have looked at critically in some time, and think to myself "I can do better."

Last night, I was adding some photos from a quick two day trip to the Oregon coast in 2015. I was on business in Portland, but arrived two days early to spend some time at Cannon Beach and photograph along the coast. The first day, I headed about an hour south of Cannon Beach, to Cape Kiwanda State Natural Area. This was a tough area, as the spot I picked out was an area with a lot of spray, a lot of wind, and some very dangerous waves. But I was determined to get the shots I envisioned. As I headed back to my hotel, I was pleased with what I thought I'd captured. 

Sitting here three and a half years later and going through these images to upload to the new website, I look at the shots and realize that while the capture of what I got was fine, I left something to be desired in the edits. With most of them, I needed more contrast in certain areas, and with some of them, A slight color adjustment brought things out better and made them more realistic or vibrant, depending on the image.

Needless to say, I am spending time to get the images to a point that I feel is right NOW, despite the fact that three years ago I felt they were good. I will continue to evaluate every image I publish here, and hope you'll enjoy traveling with me back through my past adventures, and seeing my future ones!