New Work: "Sunset at Palouse Falls"

Sunset at Palouse Falls
"Sunset at Palouse Falls"

As much as I love living and photographing in Maine, every so often I get the itch to travel and see other parts of the country. My list of places I want to go is long, and I don't particularly care what order I go to them in.

Recently, a friend was making plans to go shoot in the Palouse, a region in eastern Washington and western Idaho, known for its rolling green hills of winter wheat and canola. It's a truly spectacular place to photograph. She was looking for someone to split costs, and since the Palouse was on my list, I was happy to help out. And while I have plenty of photos of those rolling hills now, I first wanted to share one of my favorites from that trip, of Palouse Falls. The area by the falls is very different from the farming areas further north and east. The land here starts to become more like the scablands that define central Washington. It's a much more rugged landscape than you see further east, where the hills gently roll for miles, shades of green and brown and yellow creating layers as light and shadow play across the landscape.

Golden Hour at Palouse Falls
"Golden Hour at Palouse Falls"

Palouse Falls is a waterfall on the Palouse River that lies 4 miles upstream from the juncture of the Palouse River and Snake River in eastern Washington. The falls themselves are 198 feet tall, but the walls of the canyon that the falls flow into are 377 feet high. Standing on the edge of the canyon to photograph the falls is precarious at best. Attention and respect must be paid to your surroundings. The third photo below was taken by my friend Kristen Wilkinson, showing me at the edge of the cliff while making the lead photo of this post. When I photograph, I often will stop shooting for a moment, and just take in the surroundings. I will look at the colors, listen to rumble of the falls as they cascade down into the canyon, smell the smells of a cool spring evening, and feel the cool breeze on my skin. That is the moment that Kristen captured here.

I captured quite a few images during my time in the Palouse. These shots of the falls contrast drastically from the shots of the rolling hills, which I'll talk about in another entry, but you can catch an early look at them, or purchase prints, by visiting my Pacific Northwest Gallery.

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Me photographing at Palouse Falls
Me photographing at Palouse Falls. Photo by Kristen Wilkinson.