My Best of 2019: October thru December

This is the fourth and final installment of my "Best of 2019" review. If you'd like to see Parts 1 through 3, click the following links:

And now, I present to you the final installment of my Best of 2019, October thru December.

October Sky in Peacham, VT

In early October I headed to Vermont with Kristen Wilkinson to catch the early foliage there. We had a goal in mind of capturing barns, waterfalls, and classic New England village scenes. This sunrise was my favorite from that trip, as the clouds helped create a light show that rarely happens when you're looking for it!

Bingham Falls Autumn

Also from my Vermont trip. This was a special find- we had planned to head to these falls but the well-known approach doesn't give you this view. And we'd never have known had we not spoken to a gentleman while we were shooting an old mill in Jericho. He clued us into a different way to the falls, and we were met with this view. Magic!

Hillside Acres Farm

This image is one of those times where you try to read the conditions and put yourself in a position to take advantage of them. We'd visited here two days earlier, but the overcast sky left the images looking flat and dull. Two days later, the sun was in and out and blue sky was periodically showing. We arrived here and clouds moved in, but we were patient and waited for an opening. After a short time, we got one, and the farm was bathed in this beautifully soft, warm light. It lasted only a couple of minutes before it was gone, but not before I was able to capture this image.

Autumn Storm in Acadia

While teaching an autumn workshop in Acadia for Hunt's Photo Adventures, I got to experience the fury of the Atlantic Ocean as a nor'easter passed off the coast. It was an incredible display of nature, as waves splashed as high as 120 feet in the air, judging by the 108 foot height of Otter Cliff. I was thrilled to be able to capture spectacle alongside the students in the workshop.

Autumn Afternoon in Corea, Maine

Corea is a small fishing village on the Schoodic Peninsula, up past Bar Harbor. We were there on an autumn afternoon with bluebird skies, but the warm sunlight made the colorful foliage around the village so vibrant. Such a tranquil scene.

Tuscarora Falls

As the foliage turned brown in the north, I began heading south, and our travels took us to Ricketts Glen, PA. Tuscarora Falls is in the Ganoga Glen side of the park, and to me, one of the more beautiful cascades in the park.

Autumn at Glade Creek

After finishing up in Pennsylvania, we hit the road again and headed south to West Virginia, where we managed to catch peak color at Babcock State Park, home of the Glade Creek Grist Mill. Such a perfect spot for fall foliage.

Autumn at Dunloup Creek

These waterfalls were a great little spot, which Kristen found by following the creek on Google maps until she saw a white splotch on the satellite view. It turned out to be one of my favorite spots from the entire trip.

First Snow at Portland Head

It's one thing to capture a nice sunrise or sunset, but those special weather circumstances are the things I dream of. A fresh blanket of snow, a storm with epic waves, an eerie fog- all things that are not every day occurrences and don't happen with regularity. So when they do happen, you have to take advantage and get out there. The first snow of December was one of those times. I arrived at Portland Head and the clouds thinned enough to pick up a pink hue from the setting sun behind me. The snow caked along the cliffs and the churning waters of Casco Bay created foam that mirrored the snow. It was a beautiful scene and the perfect way to get into winter.

Old Barn, Windham, Maine

A friend mentioned this barn in Windham to me, so we met up one morning to catch it with the early morning light on ist face. Great spot that I need to revisit again for different seasons.

Fortune's Rocks Reflections

Fortune's Rocks Beach in Biddeford is a place I'd never visited, but it's one of those places that I thrive on as a photographer. The rocky beach with rippled sand and reflective tide pools make for a fun playground for me with my camera, allowing me to get creative and really work the light.

Winter Afternoon at Portland head

I was leading a Christmas lights photo walk for Hunt's Photo and kicked it off by starting with sunset at Portland Head. We got lucky that the snow from a few days earlier stuck around, and we had some beautiful light to work with. This is a different view of the lighthouse than what I normally capture, but I love the bank of clouds catching the light in the background as well as the gingerbread look of the lighthouse from the elevated point of view. A great way to finish off an awesome year.

I hope you'll continue to stick around and keep up with my work as we start a new decade next week. I have a lot planned for 2020 and I'm excited to share it all with you. I have one more blog post planned for this year, so stay tuned! Thanks for all of your support this year and in the future.