My Best of 2019: July thru September

In the past few weeks, I've been sharing some of my favorite images I made during 2019. It's been a busy year so I'm breaking it down into four parts. This entry will cover the summer, from July through September. These months were spent at home in Maine, with a few day trips in Massachusetts. You can find parts one and two below:

And now, continue on to see my summer in New England!

Dusk at the Old Stone Church

Back in July, I visited the Old Stone Church in West Boylston. This old church is the last remnant of a town that existed here before the Wachusett Reservoir was created and flooded the valley. It's a beautiful, iconic spot in central Massachusetts, that changes with the seasons. So far I've got summer, but I plan to head back for more.

Low Tide at Lookout Point

Lookout Point is a nice little spot not far from my home, that's a bit unique in that it faces the sunset because the peninsula curves around that way. Most spots on the Maine coast face the sunrise. I've visited here several times, but this is one of my best from there.

Summer Morn on Georgetown Island

Reid State Park on Georgetown Island is another spot not too far from home. The problem is, for sunrise, you have to walk in. To get to this spot, it's about a mile hike. On this morning, I arrived to find a marine layer of fog moving in and back off the coast repeatedly. This image was taken while the fog moved offshore a bit.

Portland Head Cobblestones

Portland Head Lighthouse is a popular spot amongst tourists and photographers. I try to make it a point to find other vantage points besides the ones most people photograph from. For this one, I climbed down into the cove onto the cobblestone beach, and waited for a wave to wash in with some foam to filter between the cobblestones.

Milky Way Over Marshall Point

I love being able to capture the night sky when I get a chance. The window for seeing the Milky Way in the northern hemisphere starts in late February and runs until early October, but it requires a lot of planning to be sure it's in the proper position in the sky if you want it behind a specific lighthouse. So after some research, Kristen Wilkinson and I figured out that early August was a good time to catch the Milky Way behind Marshall Point lighthouse. I was very happy with my result.

Annisquam Thunder

On an warm August night, I drove out to Gloucester, Massachusetts to photograph this lighthouse at sunset. Sunset wasn't much but the lightning storm that moved past ensured it wasn't as wasted trip.

Low Tide in Kennebunkport

This set of fishing shacks on Cape Porpoise in Kennebunkport has become an iconic and oft-visited spot for photographers. I made my way there for a sunrise in August to put my spin on it.

Aroostook Sunset

In late August, I ventured up to one of the last areas I had yet to explore in Maine- Aroostook County, or known within Maine as "The County" as it's the largest county in Maine by area, and larger than both Rhode Island and Connecticut. I found this amazing field of sunflowers, and waited around until sunset to get this gorgeous image.

The Cabin Under the Stars

While in Aroostook, I stayed in this cabin, and was lucky enough to have a clear night to capture it under the stars. Very quintessential Maine woods!

Cotton Candy Skies at Bug Light

The Bug Light is a much beloved little lighthouse in South Portland at the entrance to Portland Harbor. It's a great little spot to watch the boats come in and out of the harbor, and watch the sun set behind the Portland skyline. On this night, the sky picked up some gorgeous color just as the sun went down.

Late Summer Morn at Portland head

I was out with a friend catching the sunrise at Portland Head and was blessed with some amazing color in the sky. I hadn't expected the waves to come up this far, as they hadn't been until I moved to this spot, but the foam picking up the pink of the sky was the perfect finish to this image.

Tidal Reflections

In late September, a hurricane moved up the coast, but well away from Maine. However, ot had the ocean churning for hundreds of miles. I headed to Portland Head Lighthouse to see how big they were. After watching the action from a higher vantage point, I spotted this rock and made my way down to see if I could get some wave splashes on the rocks. The reflection was a bonus!

Autumn at Bennett Bridge

September finished off with me VERY excited about autumn. I made a late September trip up to Rangeley, Maine, as the leaves were beginning to turn. I came across this covered bridge and could not have been happier with the setting of pine trees and autumn foliage on the mountainside. I took this image as the sun rose and lit up the hillside.

Stay tuned next week for the last installment of my "Best of 2019"!