Looking Ahead in 2020

Normally, when New Year's hits, I take a look back over the past year, and take stock of my life personally, professionally, and creatively. It's always interesting to look back and see what I experienced, what I accomplished, what knocked me down, and what I overcame. But I also look ahead with great excitement. It took me a while but I eventually learned to not only hope I could do things in life, but to actually make plans and then carry them out. The past two years I tried especially hard to follow through on that. So, while I'm a little late putting this out there as January has now almost completely past, I did want to share my plans for 2020.

In the works

I've been working harder at planning my travel well in advance, so I can save and pay well before, and the excuse of "I couldn't afford it" doesn't come into play. I have some personal business travel planned as well as travel for Hunt's Photo Adventures. Both should be awesome for picture taking. I've already done a quick trip to Vermont for some wintry landscapes, as well as a few days in New Hampshire for the same thing. I plan to visit both again in the spring to catch wildflowers blooming and spring runoff at the various waterfalls. I also plan to spend a few days in Boston in the spring to update my portfolio of images there.


As you may or may not know, I lead a handful of workshops for Hunt's Photo Adventures every year. This year I have four planned. In May, I'll be leading a workshop on the coast of Maine based out of my hometown of Freeport. That one is already oversold and I'm excited to show others my stomping grounds while teaching them photography.  In June, I head to Cannon Beach, Oregon for a five day workshop on Oregon's rugged coast. It should be an amazing week in one of the most amazing places I've traveled to.  In September, I lead a group to Long Island, NY's East End, to capture the beauty of the twin forks of Long Island. And finally, in October, I'll be leading a  workshop to capture autumn in Acadia. Acadia is always an incredible experience and I look forward to teaching there again.

Personal Travel

I have an extensive list of places I want to go and photograph. I try to knock a few off each year, as time allows. I mentioned a few of the quick trips I already have planned. But I have a few longer trips in the works as well. In June, I'm tacking a week onto the end of my Cannon Beach workshop to head three hours north to Olympics National Park. I've always loved the Pacific Northwest and while I've seen quite a bit, I've never explored Olympics. A week there is going to be a dream!

At some point in the summer, my wife and I will be getting away together. That's still in the works and not finalized yet, so I'll keep that under wraps until it's set in stone. In August, I managed to secure a reservation on Machias Seal Island to photograph puffins in the wild. I don't always undertake photographing wildlife, but the opportunity to photograph the birds up close in a blind is one I didn't want to miss!

In September, I'll be heading to Colorado for 9 days with Kristen Wilkinson. I've been anxious to photograph Colorado for as long as I've been photographing landscapes, and this opportunity is as good as it gets, being timed with what hopefully will peak color change for the aspens. The itinerary is still being ironed out, but Aspen, Telluride, and more are on the list.

So 2020 looks to be an exciting year filled with photographic opportunities. I'm looking forward to photographing the various places and things, with of course, a lot of my home area sprinkled in as well. I hope you'll stick around and see what I get!