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Miss Melissa & Hendricks Head Lighthouse

Miss Melissa & Hendricks head Lighthouse

Rick Berk

While May and June were both big travel months for me- I taught two workshops, one in Rockland, Maine, and one at Letchworth State Park in NY, sandwiched around a personal work trip to Washington State and Montana- July has seen me closer to home. So in addition to the few times I managed to get out and photograph locally in June while I was between trips, I've been making a point of getting out and photographing more lately. 

I shot the image above this morning. Because I had things to do all day, I couldn't drive too far to get sunrise because I needed to be back home relatively early. I decided on Five Islands Harbor, because although I've been there before, I felt like I still had work to do there, and it's less than an hour from home. As I started to look for a scene, I walked out on a dock I hadn't been on before. I'd never noticed Hendricks Head Lighthouse across the Sheepscot River before, and I honestly didn't notice it until I turned my lens on the Miss Melissa and saw the lighthouse in the background.  The boat seemed to be making the composition for me, pointing right at the lighthouse and leading the viewer's eye.

Now that I've figured out where Hendricks Head Lighthouse is, I think I've found a vantage point to get another angle on it, so I plan on getting out there again soon.

Oh yes, in addition to exploring for photos, I've ingested my share of awesome lobster rolls lately. Sadly, no one is there to serve me one at sunrise, but I can attest that Five Islands Lobster Company makes one of the best, with the prettiest view to eat by.

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