My Editing Process

Spring Morning in Monument Cove
Spring Morning in Monument Cove

I've been photographing for 27 years, so yes, I started out using film before I went to digital. One of the frustrations early on was trying to match the look I was seeing on film to what I was getting in my digital images. Over time, I've been better able to achieve the look I want in my images, similar, but at the same time different, from my favorite film, Fuji Velvia. Fuji Velvia was characterized by bold, saturated color and strong contrast. However, if you overexposed it slightly and adjusted the processing accordingly, you could soften the contrast a bit and make it much more pleasing.

If you've seen my body of work, you know that for the most part, I prefer bold colors in my images, with good but not overly strong contrast. In the video below, you can see my standard process for editing an image. It really doesn't take me too long per image. Each image is adjusted for color and contrast, checked for dust spots, and then some local adjustments to complete the final image.  Below is a quick video  that shows what I do from start to finish. Check it out and you'll get a good idea of how I work!


So there it is, a quick edit of my image "Spring Morning in Monument Cove". I hope this gives you some insight into how I create the images I do. I plan to do more videos in the future, both in the field, and while I'm editing. Stay tuned!

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