Long Beach Bar Lighthouse

Long Beach Bar Lighthouse

Most people are familiar with Long Island's more famous lighthouses, Montauk Point and Fire Island Lighthouse. And yes, I photographed both of those plenty during my time living there. But there are several others worth photographing that aren't as well known. Orient Point is fairly well known due to its location just off the ferry terminal that people arrive at when coming to Long Island from New England.  Horton Point is relatively obscure on the North Fork, known mainly to locals. There are many others. But my favorite, and a favorite of others who know of it, is the Bug Light- Long Beach Bar lighthouse off Orient Beach State Park.

This one is a bit tough to get to. I'd visited it on a brisk March day, just as spring was starting to hint at coming. It was one of those times where I sort of knew what I would find, but wasn't exactly sure. This vantage point to the lighthouse, which was roughly 40 yards offshore, was about a 2 mile walk from the parking area over sand, so needless to say, I got a workout in that day!

Dusk Falls on the Bug Light

I arrived in time to catch the late afternoon sun and stuck around until just after sunset. Thankfully, the water on Gardiner's Bay was kicking up quite a bit so I had some nice foreground interest with the waves.  I made use of my Benro neutral density filters and graduated neutral density filters to manage the contrast between the sky and foreground, and also to slow my shutter speed just a bit to allow the water to blur slightly with its movement.

It was a beautiful evening- calm and peaceful. The east end of Long Island can be gorgeous, and well worth seeing. Definitely make sure you stop and see this gem.

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