My Best of 2019: April thru June

Every year I do a year-end review of the images I've taken throughout the year. I love remembering the places I've been, the things I've seen and photographed, and the memories I made. This year I really stepped up my productivity and photographed a lot more than I have in a year before. That was by design, but it means I need to break up these posts so they are more manageable. Last week I posted Part 1 here.  Here's Part 2. Enjoy!

Twilight in Five Islands Harbor

Having only moved to Maine permanently three years ago, there's still a lot of exploring to do. I found Five Islands Harbor after a friend mentioned it to me. It's a beautiful spot, and the Five Islands Lobster Company has one of the best lobster rolls around, with a view that can't be beat!. I made this image at sunrise on an April morning.

Sunset in Kettle Cove

I had been told about Kettle Cove years ago, when I was working for Canon USA as a technical rep. One of my accounts mentioned it as a place I might want to photograph. I didn't back then, but in April I finally got there and captured this cloudy sunset. I loved the drama and the orange glow on the horizon. This outing was made more enjoyable because my wife and stepson joined me. We had given my stepson a camera and he took some of his own photos!

Waves Crash At Daybreak

I made this image in Reid State Park, not far from Five Islands Harbor. It was a cool April morning and I parked near the entrance to the park (it's closed to cars before 9am), and hiked to this spot about a mile in.  I could see the sky starting to glow, so I quickened my pace and thankfully, made it in time to capture a few minutes of this incredible glow. It was just awesome. It was also high tide, which meant the waves were reaching the rocks, creating these dramatic cascades of water as they washed over the rocks. This image is probably my favorite sunrise from this year.

View from the Lightkeeper's House

In May I led a workshop in Rockland, Maine. Of course I had to take them to one of my favorite spots for sunset! The clouds moved in and ruined the last part of the sunset, but before that happened we were treated to this spectacular light. I caught this image from the porch of the lightkeeper's house looking out towards the beacon. I imagine this is what the lightkeeper saw each evening as he stepped out to be sure the light was list as daylight faded.

Mount Battie Abstract

This was also on the aforementioned workshop. We woke up early and made our way to Owl's Head for sunrise. Just behind the lighthouse, I used a long lens to zoom in on Mount Battie across Penobscot Bay. I used a panning technique with a slow shutter speed to create the movement in the image, and nature did the rest. It was a beautiful morning to lead a workshop.

Dusk at Pemaquid Point

I love taking a scene and turning it into something that can't be seen with the naked eye. Pemaquid Point has long been a favorite spot and lighthouse of mine to photograph, and I've gotten some great sunsets here. On this evening, there were some really fast moving clouds coming over the lighthouse as the sun was setting. I decided I wanted to capture the clouds' movement, so I used a neutral density filter (darkened glass) on my camera to allow me to capture an exposure that showed two minutes of cloud movement. The image above is the end result.

Sunset at Palouse Falls

In June, I ventured out to Washington State with Kristen Wilkinson Photography to explore and photograph the Palouse, a farming region in eastern Washington and western Idaho known for its rolling hills of winter wheat and canola. One of our must-visit stops was Palouse Falls. This nearly 200 foot tall waterfall plunges into the gorge of the Palouse River as it winds its way through the scablands of Washington state. It was a stunning site to see and photograph.

Spring Afternoon in the Palouse

The rolling hills of the Palouse challenged me as a landscape photographer. These were very different from the coastal scenes and landscapes with grand vistas where I could find a foreground detail to set context. But these hills! The way light and shadow played on them, as clouds moved overhead, was just magical. This image is one of my favorite, with the various green tones contrasting with the blue sky and white cumulonimbus clouds. It has a nice peaceful simplicity to it, and a happy mood, that just speaks to me. It kind of reminds me of the Windows background known as "Bliss".

Afternoon at Lake MacDonald

While in the Palouse, we took a side trip over to Glacier National Park in Montana, about 5 hours away. Our first stop was Lake MacDonald. As we walked along the shoreline, I came upon this brightly colored canoe. The waters were calm so the clouds and peaks in the background were reflecting beautifully. It was such a gorgeous afternoon. I didn't spend nearly enough time in Glacier, and definitely need to head back for a more in depth exploration of the park and surrounding area.

Dusk at Many Glacier

On our second day in Glacier National Park, we explored the other side of the park, including Two Medicine Lake, Saint Mary Lake, and Many Glacier. Many Glacier was spectacular, with dramatic clouds picking up the last color of the setting sun. Because it was early in the season (maybe even still offseason), there weren't many people around.  It was peaceful and quiet and perfect. 

The Narrows of Watkins Glen

After returning from the Palouse and Montana, I headed to upstate New York to teach a workshop in Letchworth State Park. As I was traveling there, I decided on a side trip to Watkins Glen for an afternoon, as I'd never been.  The gorge there is simply one of the most beautiful places I've seen. On this afternoon, soft light filtered through the trees and into the gorge, creating an ethereal feeling as I tried my best to capture it. I loved the way the three cascades in this scene layered from foreground to back as this soft, delicate light shone on the gorge walls.

Cascade Detail at Upper Falls

I finished up June with the workshop in Letchworth State Park. I particularly like this shot, a detail of the upper falls, showing the small cascade over a rocky ledge, contrasted with the greater flow of water around it. It's a bit different for me, but I enjoy when I can find these small details in a scene, to complement the images of the overall location I also make.